Monday, May 30, 2016

Believe it – See it – Achieve it!

 Have you heard of VISUALIZATION?  In other words, mentally and emotionally visualizing what you want in life?
VISUALIZATION is an incredibly powerful tool !
Let me share with you four critical steps to getting exactly what you want in life through the POWER of visualization.  


 Like a bride who envisions her perfect wedding and usually GETS it, YOU can do the very same thing with any aspect of your life!  No matter what you want to accomplish in life, lose weight, become financially free, find a mate, improve your health … whatever it is you want to see happen for you CAN happen for you through the power of visualization!

 Let’s me share with you four primary steps to using the undeniable power of visualization:

 1.  Close your eyes – take several deep breaths and allow yourself to completely relax.  It’s important to TURN OFF THE CHURN in our mind.
Don’t think about the past – Don’t worry about the future o the rest of the day.
Just allow your mind to pause for a few moments and live in fantasy land as if it were your present life.

2.   Just like that bride, see what you want – taste it – smell it – hear it and most importantly FEEL it as if this were your life RIGHT NOW!
  Don’t envision it as something that will happen someday … if you do, it will never happen, because there is no such day!  In your mind it is happening right now!

Just know that your subconscious mind WILL resist and rebel AGAINST what you’re trying to do!  You will hear things like; 

This isn’t real! 
This is stupid!
 Be more realistic! 
Who are you kidding! 
What are you trying to do?
Who do you think you are? 
Why are you talking like that?

That, my friends, is your subconscious mind, and it may be introducing itself to you for the very first time!  This is the part of your mind that has been in charge all along, silently holding you back; but now, with powerful visualization, you are confronting it!

  YOU are consciously taking the reins, and if you are relentless about this process, your subconscious mind will yield!    It HAS to … but not without a fight.   Yet, YOU can win this battle with persistence and consistency!

3.  Commit to spending between 5 – 10 minutes a day visualizing what you want.  You might say, “I don’t  have that kind of time!  I can’t spend 10 minutes a day just thinking about what I want!”  But you don’t have what you want either – so … What’s it gonna be?  How badly do you want what you say you want? You can have it! … 10 minutes EVERY DAY!
It must be a top priority!

There is real science behind VISUALIZATION and it can create a dramatic impact in your life.  But you have to take it seriously or don’t even bother with it at all.

4. And the last step we’ll mention here is to BELIEVE!  You can do ALL of these things, but if you don’t believe that what you want can be yours … then you’re RIGHT!  It WON’T be. 
In the beginning – the MOST important thing is to be consistent, because there will be times when you’ll visualize your dream with disbelief, and you’ll feel like your subconscious mind has gotten the better of you.  But if you stay with it, you will become stronger and stronger and stronger; like flexing your belief muscle, and pretty soon you will be unshakable! 
Instead of saying:
“I’ll believe it when I see it!” 
You’ll say;  I believe it so now I’ll see it!”

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